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MISC operates as an agent for several international companies in fields like Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals and much more. MISC represents these companies here in Egypt offering a wide variety of services including after-sales support, legal registration, seeking business opportunities and more. Listed below are the same of the major international partners of MISC Automations.


ACTREG, established in 1992, is a multinational company specialised in the manufacture and sales of high quality actuators for valves requiring a rotary quarter turn movement for either On/Off or modulating duty. Their expertise and know how has made ACTREG leaders in actuation technology.


Since their inception in 1965, Astec has been serving the Oil & Gas, Refining, Petrochemical, Thermal-Gas Nuclear Power Plants, Chemical, Shipbuilding, CNG sectors with their standard range of Instrument Tube Fittings Needle, Ball, Gauge, Manifold, DBB & Mono Flange Valves.


A global leader in the industrial battery market providing world-class products for Motive Power and Network Power applications with products designed and manufactured to Last Longer and to have the Minimum Carbon Footprint.

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INTERTEC is the global market leader in providing unique solutions for the reliable protection of highly sensitive field instrumentation (enclosures,shelters,etc.) contributing to the smooth operation of instruments, analyzers, wireless and radar equipment, signaling systems or transmitters, and much more.


Pekos Valves, is a leading European company with 30 years of experience in manufacturing ball valves. The company has become a solid reference in the ball valve manufacturing and automation market. More than 1.000.000 of valves manufactured and delivered to a wide range of industries such as oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Energy, Pulp & Paper, pharmaceutical and food industry.

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Proserv is an international energy services company that provides a range of solutions and products primarily to the oil and gas industry. They offer services related to subsea, drilling, production, and decommissioning, and their products include various equipment and technology used in the energy sector.


Tecnomatic has been a leading Manufacturer of flow measurement devices and temperature measurement devices for more than fifty years.
Tecnomatic is the 1st European Company for Flow Measurement Devices.


Spriano® is leader in the measuring, indication, transmission and regulation of industrial processes including temperature, pressure and level gauges.

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TSS is the most trusted name in off-grid solar energy for over 20 years. Their solar systems are designed for reliability and durability in the most demanding environments.


Safety valves and quality relief valves Spanish manufacturer since 1976 for gas, oil and chemical industries.

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